Have A Great Summer

by Sloth Hands



released November 13, 2015

Recorded at The Bronze, Johnny's Basement, and AJ's Bedroom

On this recording, Sloth Hands is

AJ: vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, trombone, melodica, backup vocals
John: drums, percussion, backup vocals
Stephen: trumpet on 'Song For My Neighbors'

Album cover photo by AJ



all rights reserved


Sloth Hands Rockford, Illinois

Sloth Hands is a punk/folk band playing mostly fun songs about mostly serious things.

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Track Name: One Four Five, 4 AM
So let's stumble our way through the words of John K. Samson
If it means that we could articulate this exhaustion
The younger sibling is downstairs watching reality TV
And on his lap he's watching the day's police footage

The people making minimum wage will talk about their own revolution
Or how their favorite movie star isn't sexy enough
And at 4am what I think is a portrait of a person on the side of the road
Turns out to be just another lamp post

And when Reconstruction Site ends and that 1, 4, 5 no longer plays
I realize that things aren't quite as bad as they might seem
Then I am woken by adrenaline as a I roll through that red light as a
Minivan side-swipes me I am taken to a foreign place
Track Name: Cop Cars
Running through manicured backyards during high school
Carrying our t-shirts and trying to put our pants back on
This is something I could have experienced
But it's something that I never would have done

Sitting across from a guy in a suit
Who's telling me that
I ain't worth all that much
And I'm thinking about raiding his pool
With all of my friends and
Barely out-running the cops
That he calls on us

And I'm always hanging around with my mouth shut
Nothing to say, nothing to say, until I'm
Sitting in the backseat of a cop car
Moments before my parents bail me out

The scabs on my elbows and the scabs on my knees
I will slowly dig under them with my finger nails
And pull them back
It's a small thing and it's personal
But it feels good like a crooked jaw satisfaction
And focus

And in my mind I am thinking how best to hurt those who come around and tell me I need to smile
Track Name: Honest Politics
The band's gonna play as hard as they can tonight
Until the force of frustration and years of exhaustion
Hammer through these walls
And honestly, I really don't know what to say
There's only so much I can say
In everyday conversations

I remind myself drunkenly one night that
People are born and they die and that's okay
I never felt as proud of myself as when you said
I was too honest for politics
I only wish I would've listened
I guess that's how this goes

Play it off, everything is cool, everybody is watching
It's just like these times I try to reach for the
Easiest excues
It's society's destruction, the class war of a nation
It's a fuck you song and it's played by the wrong
Track Name: Movie Store
There's only so much that I want to do when it's 90 degrees and the basement's so uncomfortable
Why do things look so good in the sunlight
I always hated these high, high, temperatures
And my driveway gleams and it's bleached in the sunlight
And I'm in here so I guess I'll go to the movie store
I guess I'll go to the movie store

I want to belong I know that the president's got a say in that
Cuz I got a Selective Service card in my wallet behind my credit card
It's in my wallet behind my credit card and it's
Smashing up the money that I'll spend at the movie store
I'll spend it at the movie store

And the things I want but I'll never find they will
Find a way to kill me

It's easy to say that everything is gonna be okay
But these days it's getting easier to just watch it all explode
And all the demons are out between nine and five and
On my lunch hour I am thinking about the movie store
Track Name: Have A Great Summer
It's in a styrofoam cup mixed in with your soda pop and somehow now you think all of my jokes are funny
And now you're saying everything you're thinking and the conversation's starting to get just a little darker asking
Why I would ever leave you when there's a college in our town
I don't know, but

Have a great summer, man
You know that some of us will be better at being bored
Than we could be fine
Will we ever be fine
I hope the rest of my life ain't as long as this

And now you're standing right in front of me in that pool in the backyard of someone's house
With arms wide open, I know that you're joking, you can't take me serious
It's more than the cold that makes this skeleton shake so much
You know I've never been that good of a swimmer

And you're thinking "the old days were so good when the kids were all alive."
Wipe the asphalt off my palms, what's the point in cleaning up
When you'll probably be here again
Again and again and again
Track Name: Song For My Neighbors
The curbs on these streets won't comfort you
You who's being yelled at by your parents
One day you'll discover something more
Beyond your driveway
This place has been on many Top Ten lists
For murder and crime and miserable places
One day we'll discover something more
Beyond our driveways

And we'll find one day that we don't matter
We're getting too old for ourselves
Place our dreams in an overcrowded heaven
I don't want them to wait
I just want them to feel okay with me

One day I will amount to what I've dreamt
What's keeping me from it, I don't really know
I depend on the interest of those
Who have nothing
Necks break as heads lean towards the ground
We're not being punished we're just being put down
Is this how we perceive those who have nothing

And we'll find one day that we all matter
We're still not too old for ourselves
We can befriend our teenage minds
We can teach our kids right
We can give them the chance to leave

Teach me how to live and I'll be fine
Tell me everything will be all right
I don't want to know how to get ahead of others
I just want to know how to survive
Track Name: 1884
Terrorism shopping for a nuclear age
What did you think would happen
Young men dying from old age
Have nothing to lose
Cut up the world like it's 1884
You've got lots of money
You got lightning in a bottle
And your best friend brought the guns

Young men become old wolves and
Celebrate the day
Holy men sat next to me and said
"What the fuck is going on"
Before they joined in

The law of the noble man: "Sleep is just an option"
This is what they told me
It was a foolproof defense
It was just something that happens
Donnie's fear outsold my desire
Stumbled his way around
A treasure map of "told you so's" and
Hard-nosed policy
Track Name: VEGAS, BABY
When I was a kid there was this lady always
Walking down the street with a
Cigarette in her mouth and
I haven't seen her since
Now she's probably dead
I'm threading my cheek through the sides of my teeth again
And now my dentist is concerned about me and he
Thinks these nervous ticks will fade but
I don't think they'll change

Cuz it's all at once or never like that
One guy in Casino
Take a little off the top and
You're all right

Whoever said that life is short you're wrong
Look at all these bad things, they're the only things we can do well
Are these the only things that we could ever do well
Someone sometime in history has been forgotten
No rest for the wicked
Only monuments and movies and textbooks

Bludgeon me with a baseball bat
It's the only thing I know
Bury me naked in the sand when I'm breathing
I'm buried but I'm still breathing

Las Vegas, like the world, can't protect me anymore
And it's something that I'll never learn to fight
Track Name: Everything I Own
Family friends meet at an electronics store
And every flag I see is at half mast
The world around me is such an easy image
When valued as it was in '45

The military generals told me
"You know what you gotta do"
In the words of Mr. Sherman
"Light it all on fire"

God dammit, I love our affluence
And everyone I know is a piece of shit
The neighbors down the block got two brand new cars
Now everything I own is a piece of shit

Everything I own is a piece of shit
Track Name: A Decade Old Protest Song
Everything you see can be quantified
So there's nothing that you'll never see again
Time will disprove everything you know
So there's nothing worth holding on to
At eleven years old I knew the president was strong
And the strong thing is the right thing to do
We all recall the good ol' days with fondness
As kids make sense of geopolitics

On a clunky television in the basement
I saw the right thing fall from the sky
Broadcast in nightvision and in low resolution
All you said was "there they go"
At eleven years old I was a patriot
Cuz a patriot's the right thing to be
We all recall the good ol' days with fondness
As kids make sense of geopolitics

Basement TV says "mission accomplished"
"Everyone will all come home"
"War is over, war is done, we're victorious"
"It'll never, ever happen again"
But it happened again

At eleven years old I knew the president was strong
But I'm not sure that the strong thing was right
At eleven years old I knew I was a patriot
But I'm not sure that being a patriot is right
At eleven years old I knew the Patriot Act was right
And now the government knows that I don't
At eleven years old I knew America was right
But now I know that's false most of the time

How can we recall the good ol' days with fondness
We were just kids making sense of geopolitics
Track Name: Three More Chords
I can't remember what was playing, it was something classical
Cuz rock music only has three chords and look at me now
I'm just a step above that song you sang
On that morning trip to school
How fast does it kill you to see what's going on
But not respond at all

If something so small could make it's way up
Through tissues and veins in a skeletal system
And lodge itself somewhere in the crevice your brain
Until all you can see is a white ceiling and you hear the sounds of your last sunrise
The people are bussing their way to work
And brewing up some shitty coffee grounds

Would you reach for three chords, any that you could muster the strength to put together
Would you play them as loud as you can if it meant something to you
Would you play them as loud as you can if it meant something to anyone
Would you play them as loud as you can if it meant something for anything
Would you play them as loud as you can if it was your last chance to make something matter