Sorry, Tom

by Sloth Hands



released December 20, 2014

Recorded at Johnny's basement and AJ's bedroom with one microphone and little expertise.

AJ: vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, trumpet, melodica, backing vocals
John: drums, percussion, backing vocals

Album cover by Avery Muether, whose work and contact information can be found here:



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Sloth Hands Rockford, Illinois

Sloth Hands is a punk/folk band playing mostly fun songs about mostly serious things.

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Track Name: Common Sense, By J. Edgar Hoover
I've got ideas that I want to see through and
I've yet to drop them though others throw them out
Evil bodies and hungry faces roam these streets
With virtues for taking but
Why pay for therapy when you've got at least
Eight hours and a car to drive

Cuz there's a level of distrust that you need to
Have common sense
I wish I didn't need common sense
I wish I didn't need common sense

I've got two ears and friends to lean on and
I think that's the most beautiful thing
J. Edgar Hoover had more ears than I do
And probably had more common sense, too
All the ideas shot down by his pistol now
Shouted by a whole new generation

Cuz there's a different kind of common sense
Tucked away in our heads and our songs
One day we'll get to bring them out
One day we'll get to bring them out
Track Name: Free Funerals
Everyone thinks they're so fucking special
We all die, yeah we'll all just rot away someday
So bury me and watch me grow into oak trees
Cuz all the mass and energy I have
I want to give it back
Why wait for a heaven when we're here right now
Tell me this isn't the best we can do
I'll try what I can I'll do what I can right now
Even though I don't embrace
Everything I know I should

Here's to the lucky bastards that got to live forever
May they always think that this was something to remember

Just throw me in a pit and I'll be happy
Play all the songs that I picked for this day
I'm afraid to get hurt and afraid to die
Most of all I don't want to be
I don't want to be nothing

Don't pay a god damn penny for my funeral
(Here's to those lucky bastards living forever, this was never something to remember)
Track Name: Licensed Autopilot
I'm zoning out on Interstate 88
I'm rolling on the shoulder
And the grooves upon my tire
"Officer, my wheel tilts slightly to the right now"
These past couple weeks have been an empty satisfaction
I know that I fucked up
In this pale hue that I'm going through
It's a hell of a time to lose focus
But then I got to thinking

The hardest thing is to not be a part of
What you want to destroy
You'll never begin to accomplish what you wanted to
When you're flying through a windshield

I see the back of your car and it's
Blinking right back at me
If I stop would you murder me
I don't doubt your intentions
My mind just stagnated a long, long time ago
It's a funny thing to be a licensed autopilot
You don't know exactly where you're going
Still you follow the shape of the road
Through every twist and turn
Until you're in a ditch now

Maybe it's too cliche to say that
I'm better at making my own world
I think I spoke to soon and now my
Broken body is lying on the side of the street
Track Name: Summer Wages
I never saw you until the end of a twelve hour day
Time spent being screamed at
Time spent being put down
It all comes back in my nightmares
Punctuated by the back of your head
Standing in line to clock in
We're slaves to getting by
I wear headphones at night to keep my brain inside
I'm slipping into next week
It's only been one whole day
It happens in the middle of the night
The times when I'm confident
Everything I saw everyone understands
Until I power through crusted eyes

Don't tell me I need to change my perspective
Cuz I don't want to die alone
Let's crawl deep under the earth
Until we're tired of just getting by

Please don't get me wrong, it's just my summer job
I'm not in a place to quit
Although I wish I was
Satisfaction of a choice
That I haven't felt in years
Have my time for a paycheck
And I'll bring it right back to you
How much of what I believe can be achieved in all of this
Sitting anxious in my room
Eyes crusted open stare
Survival before ideology
That is what I have been taught
I'll work until I can quit
Watch me smile now
Track Name: We Only Play The Hits
Well, I'm stress-buying records and movies
That I do not need
And I've been watching them over and over
And over and over and over again
And every day I'm getting closer and closer
To more responsibility
And every night I am farther and farther
Away from what I need

Oh, god, I'm 22
Radio, how about you
I don't think you feel the way I do
Do you feel the way I do

And I'm stress-eating gummy bears and
Looking through my grade school photos
I got the big bag it's in the fridge
Cuz I never know when I'll need them
And if I live an average life, I got
50 or so more years left
Look at me, I'm the kid that has to
Compensate for everything that goes wrong

And I've got to get my shit together now that
People are slowing down around me are the
Things that get me down and keep me there
Please stop
I am a grown up now
Track Name: Y2K
I'm picking up the pennies that I find cuz I think they'll help me
You know superstitions don't ever let you down
Maybe Bank Of America will want them
Are they still more valuable with their heads up
I'm learning how to get by, I'm learning to let go
I'm learning that I don't always live by my ideals
Maybe I could enlist in the army
I'll take a steady paycheck from our history

I don't want to hear that I will never be alone
From the moment that we're born
Until the moment we make friends
We're wearing outstretched hands

I'm picking myself up by my dirty bootstraps
I heard superstitions won't ever let you down
Inside a higher place is where I put my hands out
You know I haven't left that place in at least a decade
Decades upon decades of foreign involvement
At home the children drill their safety in case of bomb threats
Bedroom sheets pair so well with our feelings
All I need is something to cover me
Track Name: Garage Sale Season
I've been frying my brain every day
Now that I'm past elementary
Empty-headed dreams I dream
Every night that they would happen
Oh how your illusions were the
Things I loved the most
It's garage sale season you can smell the dust
And the used smoke that rots on the pavement
There's so much stuff for you to get rid of
You'll probably just find a dumpster
To throw out that perfectly good
Plaid reclining chair

This is not the way you wanted it
Where you can't make up your mind
Everyone's got something to lose and
You just have a little more
And you're willing to just throw it away

Everything you have that's on display is
Another thing that you want to be gone
I'll talk you down from five to four because
I need a shelf for all of my movies cuz
I got nothing better to do with my time
I wish I had tattoos and at least a
Single black denim jacket but
How well would I fill that out you know
My brother's rain jacket from the sixth grade
Hangs in my closet and it fits me pretty well

We all die young, yeah we all die young by our dreams

But isn't it such a great life
Where you can suffer and breathe at the same time
That reclining plaid chair that you sit in
And realized every night
That this was never going to stop
It's probably going to go on for the rest of your life
Track Name: I Hope You Die Someday
I know it's hard trying to fall asleep
Let me know, I could be at your house in under 30 minutes
I brought a movie, a presidential drama
Cuz I know that these films bore you to death

But I don't want you to die today
I just want you to fall asleep
I hope that you will die someday
Cuz living here forever would be such a plight

Summer's almost over and god do I hate this heat
I know I don't look great in shorts, but you look oh so pretty
I love my skinny legs and my pastey frame and I love you
But I'm trying to keep my mind of melanoma

Cuz I don't want to die today
I just want to be right here
I hope that I will die someday
Cuz living here forever would be such a plight

I don't want us to die today
I just want us to survive
I hope that we will die someday
Cuz living here forever would be such a plight
Track Name: Sorry, Tom
Inside all the high schools in the poor parts of town
Recruiters greet students like travel agents
What else could come from abandoned loose leaf
But kindle for fire in the Pentagon's home

Someone in a wheelchair hangs out everyday
At the foot of the exit on Kimberly Road
I wonder how they got there, did they go there themselve
How does this become anyone's last resort

I imagine the dreams of the president and those
Elected officials who serve S.O.L.
Will one day pair loyalty with the world instead of
The nations they serve and the dicks that they have

I'm sorry to my grade school history teachers
I'm sorry to Francis Fukuyama
I'm sorry to you, Tommy Brokaw
But patriotism is nothing but dead to me
Track Name: Scotty J.
Scotty, Scotty, do what you can
Scotty, Scotty, you'll get there soon
Scotty, Scotty you fucking idiot
Scotty, Scotty, just like all of us

Scotty thinks he'll get everything he wants just by doing his job
Scotty is quietly alone when he's with his friends, don't you know
Scotty, Scotty, we left you all alone

Scotty, Scotty, in expensive t-shirts
Scotty, Scotty, in a hot rod car
Scotty, Scotty, you're living the dream
Scotty, Scotty, you're terrified

Scotty, Scotty, that's who I am
Scotty, Scotty, in another land
Track Name: Bad Things
Your imagination reels before you
On dirty film, all crackling and dusted
It's here you see in retrospect who you wanted to be
Someone loved
You begin to wonder how you could ever
Be successful in this world like
The nights you had nothing but popcorn for dinner
You hardly took care of yourself

Wishing that bad things would happen just so
You could get some love and attention
From the person you loved
The one that you wanted to be with
Cuz there's no other way
At night you dream silly thoughts of
How you you once saved everyone and
You took down the ones responsible for your hatred
And that's how you got by

Open your eyes and you find out fantasy is
Exactly what it means and
You're back to being all alone in your empty house
Since that Fourth of July
It's there you will see time brings us down
In the end we want what we had
Now it's gone
Everything is gone
Everything's grown up
Into bad things