Finding My Way Home

by Sloth Hands



This album is comprised of folk songs. I've always really liked folk music for it's musical simplicity and lyrical storytelling. These songs come from a year of social and political frustration. But the overarching theme of these songs is a celebration of space. They're about natural spaces--abandoned, wide open, public, and private--and the enjoyment of those spaces. In a time when so few people value natural space, it's important to preserve these areas. It's important to find your local space--public or private, abandoned or fully active--and just hang out and explore. It's about finding a space, be it physical or non-physical, and and taking time to recognize where you're at in the broadest sense.


released November 5, 2016

Recorded at The Bronze, Johnny's Basement, and Mom's Basement

On this recording Sloth Hands is:
AJ -- vocals, guitar, harmonica
John -- drums/percussion, background vocals, slide guitar, banjo
Briana -- background vocals

Album cover photo by AJ



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Sloth Hands Rockford, Illinois

Sloth Hands is a punk/folk band playing mostly fun songs about mostly serious things.

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Track Name: Sometimes It's Easy To Turn Off The News
I wish our ideas were covered in gold
So somebody would take an interest in them
And I hope for the time when our days won't be counted
Down by the hour until we get home

I think that we ought to know where we come from
And think about all the things that we hated
Are they just things you can't do or just things you won't
If you're not scared of anything what's holding you back

Some days I wish I would walk around more
Than just the one trip outside to my mailbox
I've fallen into I don't want to move
Work through the evening and sleep through the day

If you're coming to my house then we're sharing a beer
We'll talk about politics and the state of the world
Cause it's this day in age when honesty's faltered
And when it prevails it's in the worst way

Look at the jackasses on that podium
Never have I talked so much back to my TV
Applause and interruption and shouting matches
Sometimes it's easy to turn off the news
Track Name: Abandon Your Bones
If I could see him one more time
Hear me now repent my sins
Would you take me in
A lost man on the street
Liquid compass ain't working
Would you take me in
I shout it at the top of my lungs
Heard it echo back behind me
Would you take me in
A blade of grass bent so well
I never felt so at ease
Would you take me in

As long as you come back down
You know I will

There's lighting in my mind
It's saving up for a war
Would you take me in
I take what I can get for a while
While looking out the barricades
Would you take me in
In the wasteland by my house
The only time I feel free
Would you take me in
To leave this skeleton
I climb the tallest tree
Would you take me in

As long as you come back down

Home is all around when you abandon your bones
Track Name: Finding My Way Home
I rode my bike across the county line
And made my way up through to Wisconsin
The grit and the gravel in my holy shoes
Tells me when I've had enough

Cause I'd like to get lost more often
But I'm not so good at finding my way home

"What are you doing?" I hear from behind me
"Turn around I'm taking you in"
I said "not much harm can come from walking around
but I understand you're just doing your job"

Trespassing we are
Criminals we aren't

When all of business stands at a halt
Abandoned industrial parks remain
As places to explore and wind down in
Cause if you don't use it we will use it

If you don't use it we will use it
Track Name: Nothing At All
I've seen at least five ambulances fly by my window today
But this morning I saw a cardinal
It was contrasting the rain
And the indents in your sheets tell you what you got
Well that mystery ain't nothing at all

I've seen whole centuries get boiled down to one sentence
Two maybe three
But I got this small town and two wheels to my name
And you stay up way too late talking your existence
Well that mystery ain't nothing at all

I saw a light that was framed behind the truth to everything
It's a grainy rough aesthetic
But it helps me understand
Where it is we stand and where it is we'll go
Well that mystery ain't nothing at all

There's a giant boulder that rest on the banks of the Mississippi River
Impacting on the surface is glass that's made of stone
And it's 20 years old
Eternally dormant
Well that mystery ain't nothing no more

She fell to the floor before I could close and lock the door
I threw down my bags
I haven't seen you in so long
I can't wait to leave just to come back home
That mystery ain't nothing at all

Mystery ain't nothing to me no more
Mystery ain't nothing at all
Track Name: Later Than It Is
All the times driving home from work
I never noticed that retail store you used to work at
When you weren't teaching
When I open my eyes
When I look around
Time just feels later than it is

On a neighbor's lawn a bike sits out
Through summer fall and winter months
It will be here as long as I am here
When the rusting starts
When it falls apart
Time just feels later than it is

Empty shoes wait by the door
The world is waiting it's not that hard
Say the teeth marks on your legs
And scratches on your arms
Without you in bed
Without the claws to drag me out
Time just feels later than it is

Down by the creek at the water's edge
There's a tire fire burning deepest black smoke
As three young souls battle their own creation

I've learned this one thing's more true than false
It's the the things that we burn
Is everything we got

By the time we come around
By the time we get the chance
Time just feels later than it is
Track Name: The Death Of William Poole
Leader of the Bowry Boys in1834 or so
A boxer named Poole first name William the Butcher
He was there
At the heart of America's fist
With an iron grip on its dreams

A white man in New York he had fancied himself a native
Took disgust with all the Irish and the others who were not
Just like him
The fist of America's heart
With a dream of choking it out

Now William had enemies and wouldn't you know one day
He got shot in a parlor room and died a couple days
After that
And with his last breath he thanked God
That he got to die a true American

Now William's apparition has risen from the grave and
Takes revenge on all the ballot boxes haunts us every day
Oh my friend
Ain't no pistol that can stop the heart
In the fist of a toxic dream

Pull fingers out one by one
'Til knuckles lay open face
I won't vote for a ghost

Nothing they can do can't be undone
Track Name: New Age Dust Bowl
Well the sun is coming through the window
And it's barely blocking out
That devil on the screen who's telling us
Who we gotta be
I guess we should be thankful
For some things we'll never see
Just fade to black
Roll the credits
Don't bother yourself with this

During free time I am at work
When I'm dreaming I am working
Cause wherever I am, guitar in hand
That's when I'm on the clock
When the landlords come around
We'll make sure no one ever knows
About that secret on four legs we share
Ain't she our best friend

The farmer's pulling crops one day and
He's getting ready to sell
But the general's here to low ball you
Back into the ground
Don't worry it's just a puff of smoke
It'll get you to the market
And right on through the gates of hell
To get you what you need

Images flicker overhead
It's a mighty fine evening
To start cracking your crustacean skin
And smile at yourself
Well I know the local newsboy and he
Stutters all the time
It's you and me and the devil on the screen
Looking for a normal life

There's a family there across the grass
I can see their house from here
There's a man with a truck and sawdust hands
He's building something up
The next few weeks I drive on by and
Underneath that tree
Is a picnic bench and a pile of dust
And a couple silhouettes

Now all my friends do what they can
They work with what they got
Cause at the end of the day gray hair is here
Reaping what we sow
The Dust Bowl hero comes to work
He wants to till more soil
But the young folk stay like prairie grassroots
Dancing in the rain

So don't let 'em tell you to be thankful
For their history
Cause everything they got was taken
As spoils from someone's death
So let's make our art and plant our feet
Firmly in the ground
And make the best of getting by
Turn pain into community
And shove this life back in their face
And we'll shove it and

We'll wait for the dust bowl to just blow over
Cause it ain't so simple living simple anymore
Track Name: Turn The Key
Turn it over, till the soil
Make your small revolutions now
Take what you need but ask for forgiveness
Growing old sounds better than it is
Then I got to thinking about how
There's so much to be afraid of
Then I turn the key

Dig up the bones and all the artifacts
Spend some time learning 'bout the past
Build skyscrapers high take a trip to the moon
Water those seeds until they're all grown up
Before I go to work I think of every single
Dream I've ever had
Then I turn the key

Think of that watershed and try to find the part
That doesn't dry up in the middle of the summer
Think of the working folk, think of the bees
Dow Jones numbers and GDP
Then I got to thinking about how
Much time we get that feels worthwhile
Then I turn the key